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While it may, make you feel better, or appeal to your idealistic aspects, merely, articulating programs, ideas, and approaches, which might ensure grasping losing, from a winnable election, won’t create those changes, or improvements, which are needed, and necessary! This is true, in many policy areas, including the most discussed, and argued about, today! Simply, resorting to blaming, and complaining, instead of focusing, on an approach, which may, be more feasible (even if less ideal), won’t position our nation, in the right direction, into the future! Our nation, and, perhaps, Earth, itself, may be, permanently damaged, etc, unless/ until, we take incremental steps, forward, which others, will agree to! This means, seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! We must remember, America’s politics, and systems, challenges our ability to make huge, progressive changes, because the majority of the House of Representatives, 60 of the 100 Senators, and the President, must all agree! We have witnessed, the Senate Majority Leader, has not even permitted, over 100 bills, passed by the House, to come to the Senate’s floor. Therefore, if we want to move forward, it’s important to always consider, the political possibilities/ ramifications, and realities, and to use pragmatic idealism, instead of burying – your head – in the sand! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, examine and discuss, 7 areas, where common sense proposals, might be beneficial, and significant.

1. Health Care: Democrats must consider, what they are seeking, a specific program, or a realistic path, towards universal health care coverage! Proposals calling for, so – called, Medicare – for – All, not only ignores certain economic realities, and other relevant issues, but, appear to scare – away, many potential, moderate, moderate – left, Independent, and, non – Trump Republicans! Wouldn’t it make sense, to prioritize medical care, and reducing costs, and attract many individuals, who would rather progress, than seek idealistic purity? Doing this, should include: lowering prescription drugs costs (for example, informing drug manufacturers, they may not charge more here, than they do elsewhere); capping malpractice claims (thus, reducing insurance costs for physicians, and lowering overall costs, etc); simplifying the administrative process; and offering a Public Option (to increase competition, etc).

2. Immigration: President Trump appealed to many of his supporters, by articulating a message of xenophobia, and fears of immigrants! He equated border safety, with restricting immigrants, and has ignored many humanitarian concerns, etc. Wouldn’t Democrats be better served, if they addressed the aspects of Trump’s policies, which are opposed to American ideals, etc, while comforting moderates, by informing them, they will maintain border safety, in a legal, moral, ethical manner?

3. Taxes: Clearly differentiate income tax policies, between the one, passed in 2017, which favored the wealthiest Americans, and major corporations, in a Trickle – Down Economics, manner, and a fairer approach, and more attention to reducing irresponsible spending, and inefficiencies!

4. Human Rights: How many deplorable behaviors, has the present occupant of the White House, either endorsed, looked the other way, or articulated a message, which pitted those with opposing positions, against each other? Aren’t most people tired of these treatments, and the increase in hate crimes, shootings, etc?

5. Character: A leader must spend much time, proving he earns his constituents’ support/ trust, while one misstep, and he loses it forever! Choose a candidate, who can clearly demonstrate, he posses a quality of character, which obviously, contrasts, positively, against Mr. Trump!

6. Empathy: Spend more time, effectively, listening and learning, instead of trying to prove, you’re the smartest person, in the room! Determine, their perceptions, fears, goals, and priorities, and prove, you are worthy, of their vote!

7. Environment/ Climate Change: Contrast a responsible behavior, and clear, doable approach, towards protecting the environment, in a responsive, relevant, sustainable manner, against this President’s apparent, denial, of Climate Change, and its imminent dangers!

Which might you prefer, idealistic purism, or making a real difference, towards the future of the nation, and the world? Wake up, Democrats, and use some pragmatic idealism, before it’s too late!